Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Choosing a Bookkeeping Software

Many times when we start working with startups, they have a lot of questions on choosing the best bookkeeping software. There are obviously a lot on the market and there are pros and cons on all of them. It really boils down to your business. While we use a variety of industry specific software, QuickBooks is still our go to for most situations. But even QuickBooks has several options to choose from. There are the desktop versions which include Pro, Premiere and Enterprise. Most small business can get by with Pro which covers all of your basic bookkeeping needs. Premiere can be customized for your specific industry which can also be helpful. A good example of this is construction companies that deal with a lot of purchase orders and change orders. If you’re dealing with a lot of inventory to track, Enterprise might be a good option. But be aware that the more sophisticated versions come with a higher price tag. An option we really like is QuickBooks Online. It’s a great option when you want your books at your fingertips at home, the office or while traveling. It’s also great for a remote bookkeeper or a bookkeeper that only comes in a limited amount of time. This allows your bookkeeper to get you any information you need without a trip to the office or having to wait until your next appointment. This also helps several members of your team to be able to work together on your books without dealing with servers or logging in remotely which can be cumbersome. We’re also big fans of the automatic download from your bank and credit cards. But be aware we’re still seeing some kinks from time to time with this function. But the time savings makes it worth it. Check for discounts on the monthly fees that come with many warehouse memberships such as Costco and Sam’s. Another great bonus with QuickBooks is that many versions import from one to another so they can accommodate your business changes.

Of course your bookkeeper can be a great help in helping you choose the best option.

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