Thursday, August 27, 2015

Remote vs. Onsite Bookkeeping

One of the top questions we are asked when meeting with a new client is “Do you work onsite?” There is usually a note of uncertainty in their voice when they ask. This is because many bookkeepers prefer remote service. And who wouldn’t? Most of us love the idea of working comfortably at home. And with the serge of cloud based software, this is more and more possible. 

But is this best for the client? The answer is it just depends on the situation. Think about the responsibilities of the bookkeeper and whether they need to access any files, mail, checks, etc. at your office. Then consider how you work best. Do you respond well to emails and calls  or do you prefer in person meetings?

As a company, we are committed to flexibility so we can accommodate all the needs of our clients. So as a business owner, you must be honest with yourself about what is best for you. A bookkeeper should make your life easier, not harder. So decide if onsite, remote or a combination is best for you. And make sure to choose a bookkeeper who is flexible with the working situation that is best for you. As your business grows and changes over time, you will be glad you chose a bookkeeper who is accommodating and puts your interest first.